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Italian Meat Balls
Recipe courtesy of Mimi
Italian Meat Balls
Italian Meat Balls

Italian Meat Balls

1 pound ground beef
Sausage - a good sized pinch
Salt, pepper, onion flakes, garlic powder - just shake some into meat

Mix well and shape into balls and brown slowly

Bring to a boil the following:

2 small cans tomato paste & 3 cans water
2 small cans tomato sauce & 3 cans water
1 heaping TBSP brown sugar
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1 TBLS. sweet basil
Bay Leaf

Add meatballs and simmer (bubbling) uncovered at least 4 hours.
Remove Bay leaf before serving

Double: 24 oz tomato paste & 36 oz water - 2 pounds meat
32 oz tomato sauce & 48 oz water

Triple: 36 oz tomato paste & 54 oz water - 3 pounds meat
48 oz tomato sauce and 72 oz water
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